As a beginner, you can have your first 5 Hours tuition for just 60!

                             Then pick the price plan that suits you!


Hourly driving lessons are 24 per Hour on Pay as You Go


A cheaper option would be to select a block of 10 Hours for 220, which saves you 2 per Hour or 20


Yet again cheaper, pick a block of 20 Hours for 400 and save 4 per Hour or 80!.



    Remember that cheaper driving schools often offer a lesser service because the instructor needs to work more hours to make a decent living, which means they will be more tired.  They may also have shorter breaks between lessons, meaning that there is no time to plan for your lesson, and they will still be thinking about the last persons lesson well into your time.  (Some schools even operate a policy of one pupil picking up the next etc...)


Go...VAVOOM! Driving School  Only operates on a ONE to ONE basis, you and your instructor. 


The lesson ends only once the time of 60, 90 or 120 minutes you booked for has passed.


Pick up and Drop off where you request within the area covered by the School.

    Once we have agreed that you are ready for your driving test, we can book it for you at a convenient time for all of us.  This is important so that your regular car is available for the test as well.  The current Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Driving Test Fee is 62.00, which needs to be paid at the time of booking.

    On the day of your test, we will have agreed how many hours will be needed for Warm up Practice and for the Test itself, and we will have agreed the same normal charge for these hours. 

     Did you know that some driving schools make what they call a "Hire Charge" for the use of the car for your test?  This can be as much as 100!


    We also offer a competitive rate for Pass Plus courses:


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